President - Jon Schoenherr

I discovered CrossFit at the beginning of 2011 at United Barbell CrossFit SOMA in San Francisco, and have made that my home ever since.  When asked to serve as president by WAA founder Christopher Comma, I jumped at the opportunity.  I played and coached soccer for 20 years, and I have witnessed the positive changes that can take place in a sports (and team) environment, especially with youth.  CrossFit has improved many aspects of my own life - from physical to mental, health to community.  I believe that CrossFit, and more particularly everything that comes with it (community, work ethic, accountability), can be a profound influence on a teenager.  I believe this opportunity should be available to anyone, not just those who can afford it.  WAA is a means to that goal, and I will do my best to help reach as many youth as possible.


  • University of San Diego, B.A. Philosophy
  • Youth and collegiate soccer player
  • Soccer Coach for 6 years, ages 9-18
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification

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Founder/Board of Directors - Christopher Comma

My name is Christopher Comma and I have been CrossFitting for 4 years at United Barbell CrossFit SOMA in San Francisco.  When I am not CrossFitting, I serve as the Northern California Regional Director of Employee and Labor Relations for Kaiser Permanente.

I founded Westside Athletes Association because CrossFit has created a community that holds me to my very best in life. The constantly varied CrossFit system (physically, emotionally, spiritually and athletically), allows me to consistently adapt, learn and grow.

Driving home one Sunday evening in August of 2011, I was struck with the idea of creating Westside Athletes Association; a non-profit dedicated to raising CrossFit scholarships for at-risk teenagers. I am inspired by the impact we can make by exposing teenagers to the same benefits I experience with CrossFit.  I imagine an organization designed to developing a teenager’s focus and discipline, enhancing their academic growth and encouraging their personal development through physical and emotional support. My passion for continued human development and preparation, coupled with a service-oriented team (my fellow WAA Board of Directors and Officers) has manifested into this incredible organization.  Through Westside Athletes Association, I am committed to changing the world… one adult and one teenager at a time.

It is my honor to serve you.


  • City University of New York; B.S. Political Science
  • University of Iowa, Juris Doctorate
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • CrossFit Endurance Certification
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Certification

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Board of Directors - Maria McGinley

As a NorCal native, I grew up with a sense of adventure. I’ve been in competitive sports ranging from Tennis to Shotokan since age 8. After picking up my first Muscle & Fitness magazine in high school, I was hooked on weighlifting and extreme cardio for Marathon training.

When I moved to the east coast, I realized that having seasons changed the way I would train so I became a personal trainer to become as educated as possible as well as pursue my passion of helping others attain their fitness and sports goals. By 2008, I was bored and ready to get out of the gym. At the same time, my sister’s good friend introduced me to CrossFit (he’s since gone on to win the games and open up boxes all over the world, go Jason Khalipa!) I joined the only full-time CrossFit facility in Washington D.C., sight unseen, and was hooked. Upon moving away from D.C./Potomac CrossFit in 2012, I found a welcoming community at United Barbell.

When I’m not CrossFitting, I’m volunteering with the Junior League of San Francisco and by day, I’m educating Accenture’s Fortune 500 clients on emerging technologies. My favorite activities include advising CIOs and CTOs on the impact of technological change and analyzing their disruptive potential.

I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with the Westside Athletes Association because it allows me to combine my passions for health, fitness, community and volunteerism.


  • CalPoly-SLO, BSEE (Power Electronics)
  • University of Maryland- College Park, MSEE (Microelectronics)
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2006-2012)
  • Bar Method Instructor (2011-2012)
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification (expected 2014)
  • CrossFit Kids Certification (expected 2014)

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Board of Directors - Jason Luk

I, Jason Luk, am honored to be on the Board of Westside Athletes Association.  I have been CrossFitting for six years, starting out at CrossFit Milpitas, in the town where I grew up, then transferring to United Barbell three years ago when I made the move to San Francisco to be closer to work.  With a major in Marketing, I am one of the few friends I know who have stayed on the same path breaking into the online advertising industry straight out of college and am presently a Sr. Account Manager in Advertising Sales at AOL providing solutions for clients in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods verticals.

I choose to serve and support Westside Athletes Association because I know firsthand what is available to an individual who embarks on his/her CrossFit journey and the benefits I would have recognized earlier myself had I had the opportunity to start my own journey in High School as I was looking for the right sport for me but always felt that Cross Country and Badminton just weren’t quite for me.  CrossFit allowed me to recognize both my physical and mental capacity and I continue to grow as not only an athlete but a human being with each workout.  I am committed to creating a possibility for students to take their understanding of sport and community to the next level and realize what’s available to them in life.

When I’m not in my gym clothes, I enjoy volunteering with San Francisco’s Gay For Good, enhancing my Hip Hop moves at Dance Mission and finding the best Asian food across the city.


  • Santa Clara University; B.S. Marketing
  • Santa Clara University Crew Student Athlete
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • 2010 Northern California Regionals, CrossFit Milpitas Team
  • 2012-2014 Northern California Regionals, Judge

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Board of Directors - Nikki Staley

As a former Bikram Yoga practitioner, distance runner, triathlete, salsa dancer and snowboarder, I've become known as a collector of active hobbies. When I walked through the doors of United Barbell-CrossFit SOMA in late 2012, it was love at first WOD. The supportive coaches, competitive environment and sense of community drew me in. With each WOD, came a new opportunity to be present and push myself to find a new level of 100%.

With a 10+ year background in Human Resources and Recruitment in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have always enjoyed connecting people with resources and solutions. In 2013, I left my corporate career to pursue my passion of helping others rise to their next level of health and fitness. I currently run my own business as a Health & Nutrition Coach, and work part-time at United Barbell as Office Manager and Coach-in-Training. I am fortunate to spend my days doing what I love - educating, learning and talking about food.

Giving back is a priority, and I can be found volunteering with organizations such as Make-A-Wish, Glide, La Casa de las Madres and Cooking Matters, or in my own kitchen, experimenting with new recipes.

I believe that our hope for the future of the human race, lies in our children. To me, there's nothing more meaningful than impacting a young person's life for good. My mission with Westside Athletes Association is to make a difference, one young person at a time, by providing them with resources to health, fitness, community and education.


  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition & American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Health Coach
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certification
  • California Strength Olympic Lifting Certification (expected July 2014)

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Treasurer - Dustin Stuflick

My name is Dustin Stuflick and I have been involved with CrossFit since 2012. There were quite a few members of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym advancing faster than me and I just had to know why. After one of them explaining that wall ball was a “game” he liked, I couldn’t help but try it out. Before coming to Crossfit full-time, I was very active with Martial Arts and badminton. I work full-time as a Business Development Manager at T-Mobile creating connections between clients and those that are important to them.

I chose to join WAA because of my personal passion for enabling others and the passion of founder Christopher Comma. In 10th grade, a person whom I had never really spoken to offered me their backup badminton racquet knowing I couldn’t afford my own. This inspired me to join the badminton team which was an event that put my life on a whole new course. 15 years later, we remain good friends and I would like to share that same type of opportunity with others.


  • Sonoma State University, B.S. Business Administration - Accounting
  • Golden Gate University – M.B.A. - Management
  • Aikido Black belt, ranked in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Aikido children’s coach
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu adult coach

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Secretary - Manpreet Bath

Growing up as a national high jumper for Singapore, I have always enjoyed challenging myself to be my very best. When I discovered CrossFit in 2014, I was able to challenge myself to be my 100 percent, and surround myself with like-minded individuals who believe in working hard. I get to experience an incredible network of passionate and motivated individuals.

I believe that it is my purpose in life to be a contributor to my environment. I am ecstatic to be a part of WAA because I believe that CrossFit utilizes a structure of discipline that is adopted by individuals who are a part of the CrossFit community. Through WAA, I hope to touch the lives of numerous teenagers who will be able to incorporate the discipline from CrossFit into their daily lives. Additionally, they will be a part of a supportive community that will hold them to their very best.

When I'm not CrossFitting, I immerse myself in books, music, cooking, and nature. I believe that nerds are cool and I always welcome an adrenaline rush.


  • University of California Davis: B.S. Psychology; Minor – Economics & Religious Studies
  • High Jump – Singapore; A, B, C Division

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Head Coach/Director of External Relations - Joanna Gail

I’m Joanna Gail, a 30 year old native Southern Californian athlete and adventure seeker. After spending 24 years in the pursuit of competitive team sport, I discovered CrossFit in San Diego in 2011 --- and have been hooked ever since. Currently, I call United Barbell CrossFit SOMA in San Francisco my home but have traveled and visited boxes all over the World.

When I’m not CrossFitting, I serve as a Project Manager at a Creative Agency and spend time dreaming up my next travel destination.

The CrossFit community is the most passionate and connected community in the world and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the Westside Athletes Association and share the gift of CrossFit transformation provided by access to physical challenges, community, education and discipline. 


  • Greek Olympic Softball Team Member; 2004 Olympic Games, Athens
  • University of Oregon; B.S. Journalism and Communications
  • Oregon Softball Student-Athlete; Academic All-American
  • University of Washington; M.E. Intercollegiate Athletic Administration
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Owner, Global WOD Project

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