WAA's third United for Youth event has concluded! The $10,766 raised help put on a 2-day functional fitness certification for teachers in the San Francisco Unified School District.

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Mike Coutermarsh - $946
Amelia Eddleman - $795
Dock Howard - $550
Jenny Werba - $400
Ester Hersberger - $355
Anita Hsieh - $290
Austin Spires - $275
Chad Kindred - $250
Brittany Vargas - $110
Loryn Ferreira - $75

Big thanks to the 160+ who donated to United for Youth.  And a special thank you goes out to our fundraisers, who reached out to their networks and helped make UfY 2017 a resounding success! 

And finally, a huge thanks to the local businesses that donated gifts for our fundraisers and participants of the Fight Gone Bad event at United Barbell.  Their generosity helped make United for Youth our most successful event to date!